Iscariot by Joe Larkin

My sweet Judas,
how did it feel to betray so deeply?

The look on your face, assuming all guilt
as you described your acts through your wine stained teeth,
I sat upon my stool without judgement on my face.
In my heart I recoiled and scurried away
from your transgressions, a body set to crucifixion
to please your arbitrary  and whimsical desires.

The torture one is given by people
they thought they could trust,
they must have not known humankind well.
I wonder if they pleaded like Jesus and howled in pain, begging
for an explanation to why they have been forsaken in life.

Dante said the lowest point in hell is for those who betray,
I wonder if you will descend there with your sweet lies.
Yet, who am I kidding, I ruined others lives while I laughed
through my whiskey radiating tongue, a toxic
aroma of pleasure and drunkenness–

as I grow older and colder as they told me I would,
I learn life’s only promise:
We do all we can to hurt the ones we love.


Joe Larkin is currently working as a substitute teacher in the Rochester area. He is pursuing a Master’s Degree in adolescent education at SUNY Brockport and is aspiring to be an English Teacher at the secondary level. He enjoys writing poetry for aesthetic purposes, but also feels that if he is challenging his students with writing and stepping out of their comfort zone, he should be doing the same. You can often find Joe frequenting local music spaces, indulging in caffeine, or nose down in a book.


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