#badapple by Manny Done

i’m the forbidden fruit that you always indulge in // stripping me of my outer shell // devouring my core and all of its sweetness // i’ve made it difficult for you to stray away from such a bad apple // i’m rotten to the core // but with me you still want to dabble


Manny Done believes himself to be an old soul trapped in this conundrum of a nervous wreck that we call the human body. He also believes in a simple rule of life: if it is finite, then it is valuable. It has taken him 25 years to come to terms with that notion, and at the peak of his 25th year he decided that he would no longer apologize for being himself. That is why he takes the time to write about his troubles, desires and his experiences. Every time he writes about anything, he is essentially going toe to toe against the greatest adversary he have ever known, himself. That is what poetry is to him, an opportunity to silence the voices of regret and embrace
the imperfections of a life that is limited in both time and energy, for the temporary is the forever, and forever is only a dream.


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