Two Poems by Justin Babbino


I want to be
the bumps in your night
and the lump
at the back of your throat
I want to be
the noose that you hang with
and the loose change
that you left in your coat,
do I haunt you?

I want to be
the keys to your car
and the breeze
that always goes where you go
I want to be
the weather you plan for
and the feather
that you can’t help but blow,
do I haunt you?

Can you hear me calling?
I didn’t say a word,
does he see you stalling?
The truth won’t act as the cure,
is your stomach sinking?
When your heart
starts beating
you can feel him blinking,
why is she still awake?

Do I haunt you?


The back of my eyelids burn
With the heat
Of seeing you
                         On him
                                    Through his eyes
         At angles I saw
                                With eyes
                                                   Of my own



Justin Babbino is finishing up undergrad as a Music Industry major at SUNY Oneonta this Spring, and has aspirations of becoming a rock star.  Secret Beaches is the band of which he is the front man.  The secret lies within the paradise we create for ourselves.  Originally from Latham, New York.


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