Two Poems by Kim M. Russell

Are We There Yet?

it’s just a glint from the brow of a hill
the blue underline of a fountain pen

until the car stops and you breathe in
a quirky ghost of damp dog

that infiltrates your nose – it fills your ears
with echoes of whimpering

reaches out and fizzes round your fears
with a gasp of goosebumps and shivering

it creases like a screwed up paper bag
spits like a cat and leaps a rhythmic surge

tipping the horizon on its axis
a twisting kaleidoscope of senses

dreams trickling through gritty hands



from my mouth,
a piece of coral.
You might think I’m smiling but it’s rictus –
I’m as terrified of you
as you are of me.

If you could see
into my spine,
you’d find it’s hollow,
encased in an armoury of external teeth –
all the better to eat –

and my eyes are even bigger than my mouth –
all the better to see.

I ride currents and drifts and, because of my plethora of fins,
in spite of my monstrosity,
my ancient body
and my minuscule
fatty brain,
I am an aquatic gymnast.

Watch me stand on my head
and swim on my back!

Then you pull me,
raised from extinction,
from your net.

A piece of coral
crumbles from
my mouth,
my name:


Kim M. Russell was born in London, moved to Germany at seventeen, to Ireland in her mid-twenties, and has lived in North Norfolk, not far from the coast, for the last twenty five years. She has been writing poetry since she was a schoolgirl but only started posting and submitting to competitions and anthologies when she left teaching at a high school in 2014. She is a huge fan of Shakespeare, Seamus Heaney and Carol Ann Duffy. She posts poetry on her WordPress blog and is a host of dVerse Poets pub and Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. She has had poems published on-line on Visual Verse, Carpe Diem and Pure Haiku, as well as in the following printed anthologies: Poetry Rivals and Love’s Labyrinth (Forward Press), Afflatus Magazine and River Writes (Bure Navigation Conservation Trust), with another poem in The Anthology of Aunts due to be published by The Emma Press in April 2017.


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