Passing Headlights by Anonymous

The whole night felt like a blur,

but I can still remember each detail. Every touch

of your hand, the dull light barely there in your eyes.

They used to shine so brightly for me,

but that night, those blue-green orbs, so lackluster and far away.

I didn’t know if it was really you–or a ghost of what was.

We’re my eyes dull as well?

Faded from emotional exhaust,

the kind we both had put ourselves through.

Did I seem as fragile a shell as you? 

Desperately trying to cling to feelings of love,

the kind we were once so lucky to call our own.

For eight hours I was in the car with a stranger.

I shared lamb and scallops with her.

I talked nonstop with her. I kissed her.

And no matter how hard a tried to deny it,

It didn’t feel like home anymore.


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