silence by Seanna Pratt

rests heavy on idle ears. spits dust on the shoulders of those you let get away.
leaves you incapable of cleaning yourself up, of getting the filth out

of the most delicate creases. shows reoccurring images of the monotony—a dried stain, a dirtied bathtub, soured milk. dried, dirtied, soured.

lays asleep in the back of your throat like a stray dog. shies away from strangers,
from not strangers. holds onto your tongue until you grab at it, demand it faces you.

it looks a lot like you. the crooked nose. the bruised knuckles. it wants you to own it. well, it wants you to try at least. and you will.

you will swallow it whole, spined body and all. then you will dare to speak out for the first time in too long. your mouth a hot faucet, blood shimmering between your teeth.



Seanna Pratt is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Drunken Violet Review. Her own poetry has been published in Art & Scope Magazine, GERM Magazine and The Legendary—and is a former member of the Poetry Slam Association at SUNY Oneonta. She is currently a staff writer for GERM Magazine,and was previously a intern for The Culture-ist.  Although she has a BS in Biology and is working towards a Masters in Public Health—Seanna is an aspiring writer, wannabe musician, and a true Netflix addict at heart. You can often find her hanging around coffee shops, or singing to herself in peculiar places.


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