Three Poems by Justin Babbino

Whiskey Neat


Hey babe
I’ve forgotten that I don’t care
You’ve been on my mind
By now
I’ve realized I should have stopped calling you
But somehow
I’m looking through your eyes

Eighteen messages later
Your voicemail box is full
My reasoning is spent
I’m not sure where it went
Will you answer me?
Or am I only allowed to enjoy you
On the answering machine?


Hey babe
I know I never really said this
I love you
Never mind
By now
To hear your voice is all I care about
To touch you
That would be divine
I want to hold you
By the jawline
And kiss you
Up and down
I want to feel
The arch in your back
And start rolling on the ground


Hey babe
Alright, goodbye


To Yearn

Remember being seventeen?
The world you know was so unseen
Then you went and saw it all
had yourself a little ball
took a turn and took a fall
and wished you’d never looked at all


Mojave Rattlesnake

With roses in her lips
and oceans in her eyes
Drowning in the sips,
getting harder to recognize
the insides of words
that we’re having trouble saying
Staying up all night
to forge a new disguise
to hide behind the cleverness of the night
and distract our eyes
to avert our gaze
while making our escape
Faced with the daily challenge
of the chase
for different versions of ourselves in the day
No, we’re not content
but we look the other way

With one hand on the wheel
and the other one on your thigh
Life begins to squeeze
and now you’re going for a ride
And besides
everything, well it must be fine
You’re surprised to realize
a waterfall of wine
makes clear the mind that fast approaches the cliff
Stiff at the thoughts
we thought we’d like to reminisce
Another kiss shared,
perhaps another kiss missed
Twisted and sucked up
everything’s delayed
Getting so fucked up
we feel like everything is fake
Bitten again
by the Mojave Rattlesnake




Justin Babbino finished up undergrad as a Music Industry major at SUNY Oneonta this Spring, and has aspirations of becoming a rock star.  Secret Beaches is the band of which he is the front man.  The secret lies within the paradise we create for ourselves.  Originally from Latham, New York.


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